While passing through Whiterun, I paused a moment to listen to a monk who was preaching in front of a statue of Talos to anyone who would listen. Most of the townfolk just passed him by; I'm sure they were used to it. I slipped to a nearby bench to rest and hear what he had to say.

This monk was a fervent worshipper of Talos and I was shocked to hear his passionate cries in fealty to his divine man-god. I've always kept religion out of most of my discussions as they are sure to upset someone and thusly are considered impolite. In this time of political unrest and with the threat of death from any nearby Thalmor (and they do seem to be everywhere these days) I would have expected a bit more discretion. But the rough grating of this man's pleas for religious freedom just amazed me. I must say, I was a bit inspired...even though I'm not much for gods and deadra meddling in the affairs of men and mer.

He must have caught me watching. He winked at me made his way slowly to where I was sitting, all the while continuing his call to the faithful. As he drew near, I detected the faint aroma of fermented honey and knew where he got at least some of his courage. He ended his speech and sat beside me. I had been alive far longer than he, yet his grizzled beard and deeply lined face seemed formed from generations. It's the way with humans, I think, to become wiser at a much quicker pace than we elves because they have less time to get there.

His eyes were wide, kind, and oddly youthful (perhaps a side effect of his bottled bravado). He asked if I knew who Talos was. I answered yes. He asked if I was a faithful follower of the Nine Divines. I replied that I did not know. He nodded and mumbled that perhaps it was a blessing to walk a path one could not fully see. This made no sense to me whatsoever, but I smiled politely. He patted my knee and pressed a small amulet into my hands.

As he shambled back to his place in front of the statue, he whsipered, "Keep it for luck, my dark daughter." I will never understand why, but for a moment, I felt...overwhelmed. I was moved by his slurred comment and small gift. I slipped the chain over my neck and stared down at the oddly shaped amulet. It was warm against my skin.