Take for example WoW, i like that game because it's fun, you turn into bears, cats and seals if you're a druid, tame pets if you're a hunter, etc.etc, but overall i think it's the highly stylized graphics. they're cartoony but yet they're sharp and appealing. the colours are bright and there's a vast, open world filled with other people. Those very traits can be found in nearly every mmo out there and then there's console games. gloomy, highly realistic, almost no originality, pretty boring unless there's loads of content and DLC, like skyrim, it's on pc to but it isn't an mmo. Skyrim is highly realistic, uncolourful, gloomy and too be blunt, it's kind of boring unless you play it on pc and mod the hell out of it. So it got me wondering, what if they made an mmo for ps3 and Xbox 360 (or more probable, the ps4 and the next xbox, the nextbox?lol), i mean we could have all the high definition, 3d t.v gaming, we could play on our controllers, no more lagging, for those of us who don't have great computers, and just think from a console player's point of view, we have no huge open world games besides rdr and skyrim. My real question i have to all you computer savvy people here is: could it be done? is such a thing possible, ps3 hase DC Universe so it doesn't seem so far fetched. And when i say "MMO for console" i don't mean a playable Wow or rift copied on a console, i mean WoW but with console elements, like npcs who have scripted animations i.e chopping wood, arguing, sweeping the street. It'd be like assassins creed, rdr and skyrim fused into your favourite MMO! and the movement and combat! just think, parkouring over castles, villages and through trees, assassinating goblins and counter attacking orcs. Damn, it would be fun.. but what do i know, this sort of thing could be IMPOSIBRU! so could such a thing even be done?