So lately, I've noticed that the Argonians have been receiving a lot of hate, among other things. Why is this? Lemonizer, for example, decided to write a piece about rhem rising from the water, using their bare hands and the equivalent of a fur coat for armor, and acting like disorganized savages. WHY?! Argonians are people too. By that logic, all Imperials should be viewed as milk drinkers, or all Khajiit as thieves! (Which they are viewed as, but you get the point.) Let me refute a few things here:

1. If you think they're too lazy to help the other races fight the Thalmor, that's just ridiculous. They don't need to because they aren't threatening them. Why would the Thalmor even bother assaulting Black Marsh, anyway? No one has defeated the Argonians in recorded history. NO ONE. Black Marsh is like Afghanistan in a way, not a single other province has defeated them. Not even Cyrodiil, seat of the Empire. 'Nuf said.

2. They're not savages. They just live in Black Marsh, which is all swamps. Have you ever seen a mansion out in the middle of a marsh? Or how about someone walking into the marsh wearing a tuxedo? Odds are you haven't. Because it's a SWAMP. Swamps are not for formal wear, they're for loose clothes, or in the Elder Scrolls perspective, Hide and Fur armors, which are comfortable, etc etc.

That's all I have for now, but I may write more on this in my spare time.