As we all know, The Elder Scrolls: Online is the only Elder Scrolls game that has multiplayer. However, a bit of tension has sprung up about communication. Obviously, we don't want to communicate with everyone in the game's multiserver, that would be unbelievably chaotic. On the same note, we don't want to be able to chat with anyone we don't exactly know, none of us want to get screamed at when we mount an enemy's head on a pike. Yet we need to, seeing as teamwork is a big theme in TES Online. Part of our answer comes from emotes. According to the Elder Scrolls Online website, emotes will allow you to do things such as /kiss, /beggar, etc. As much as some of us are going to enjoy doing things like bestowing blessings or dancing around drunk, this still presents the issue of actual communication. We will look on for the solution, for teamwork is obviously going to be a big deal in TES Online.

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