Hello, everyone. As of late, the Legion has been getting put down by many people who think that they're enforcing the Aldmeri ban of Talos. I'm here because I find that a cruel stereotype, and I'm listing perfectly good reasons to join the Legion. Although I would like Stormcloak supporters to refrain from negative comments, I'll respect your opinion so long as you respect mine. Thanks for your time, and enjoy.

Alright then. First off I'd like to mention that the Legion is opposed to having Elven overlords and the Talos ban, otherwise we would not have had the war. Despite the thoughts of others, I find it extremely hard to believe we could have won the Great War. The Legion was already in shamble because of the Oblivion Crisis, and when it was attacked by the Thalmor, they were poorly prepared to fight such a powerful force. We're also very respectful of your culture and others. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not calling the Stormcloaks racist. That would be kinda harsh, to say the least. I'm just saying that some Nords are rather dissaproving of Dark Elves, Khajiit, etc. We have no issues with any personal belief, albeit we do have a slight problem with High Elves and Talos. Again, I'm not trying to label the Stormcloaks as racists. We believe in order and peace, and although the Emperor does do some questionable things, we hope that you'll join the Legion someday.