Okay, before I get started, let's get one thing straight. I am not a High Elf supremacist, nor am I a die-hard Nord. I am completely open to all suggestions, theories, and other comments. So don't judge too harshly. Almost all of the Skyrim Civil War arguments can somehow be linked to Talos, a fact that applies to both sides. And as a supporter of the Empire, I could not help but feel we are being branded as villains because of Talos. And that's why I'm here, to discuss Talos and his worship openly on both sides of the war. Enjoy. 


So we all know of Talos' many victories, specifically those of Old Hroldan and Sancre Tor, but what else of him? We can safely say that Tiber Septim and Talos are the same, as any Nord or Altmer could tell you. We also know that Tiber Septim had both the Dragonblood and the Amulet of Kings, both of which were destroyed during the Oblivion Crisis, save the remaining Dovahkiin. So why is he different? For those of you who didn't know, Talos of Atmora became a Divine upon his death, commonly thought to have been done by Akatosh. He then ascended into the Nordic and Imperial pantheons, or set of deities. And with change comes trouble.


As you most likely noticed, the High Elves have an intense hatred for most races of Men, and with them, Talos. They believe that a mortal cannot ascend to become a Divine, ironic because they believe themselves to be of godly descent. Which brings us to the big question: is Talos an Aedra? He very well could be, according to findings. As stated on the wiki, he is not found in Sovngarde, a big piece of evidence. And then there's Malacanth, a big statement of his own. Malacanth was a normal Orc until Boethiah turned him into the Daedra Malacanth, albeit this technically makes him a lesser Daedra. However, there are no lesser Divines, so this implies that he could be an Aedra. But what of his Empire and future as an Aedra? 


So who is technically next in line for the throne of Emperor? With Titus Mede II killed by the Dark Brotherhood, the logical answer would be the Emperor's firstborn son, but what if he doesn't have one? The answer is surprising. The Dragonborn is not the only Dovahkiin, nor is he the oldest. The true heir to the throne is actually Miraak, being he is older than the Dragonborn as well as possessing the Dragonblood. Strange but true.

So there you have it. Three paragraphs about Talos and his past, Empire, and ascension into the Nordic and Imperial pantheons. As I stated above, feel free to leave comments and theories below. Thanks for your time.