I have been playing ESO for a good amount of time now and there has been very interesting and fun moments but no matter how fun the PvP Alliance War is, I always wanted to Duel certain people and do an arena style PvP situation similar to World of Warcraft.

The reason World of Warcraft was so successful and still is, is because people feel the need to be the best in PvP. Dueling allows people to showcase there skills in a 1v1 situation. Even if someone loses it helps both players overall, because they learn how to react to their opponent. Also, for arenas you were given a rating that showcased your skill in a 2v2, 3v3, or 5v5 situation. I know that for me being high ranked in Arenas kept me playing the game cause I gained respect from other players. Also, it brought players closer because in that situation you had to rely on your ally to keep you alive (healer) or take down an enemy fast (dps). Arenas can be held all over the map of ESO all you guys need to do is set up a Queuing situation where players in a party can receive an invite to go to a certain Location that can't be interrupted by outside players.. There should be different arenas that aren't too large where you have to run long distances but large enough where you can range 30-40 yard attacks. When the arena is over you can show the overall damage done by each character and who won the match. At the end of the arena the winning team should receive some sort of reward, similar to the Alliance War giving Alliance Points to get gear or supplies, Arenas should give some sort of currency, so that they can buy specialized, unique Gear that is better than most (also it should look extremely cool). The thing most players in World of Warcraft did not like was how a player could only receive a certain amount of Conquest Points (currency for World of Warcraft arenas) per week. This amount would only allow a player to get one piece a week. The reason players eventually did not mind this restriction was simply to keep the game balanced. For example, if someone did arenas for 24hrs straight and got a good amount of pieces they would be substantially better than people who only have one or two. If we were to make this amazing extension to ESO's PvP there should be a limit to the points you can earn in a week so that the game is balanced and it keeps people playing the game. After wining a game players should receive a rating increase that is equal for everyone, but after a certain rating point that is capable even for a below average player, the loser should lose a certain amount of rating. The higher a players rating is they should earn new titles that can only be achieved when a certain rating is reached. In ESO there should be two different brackets of Arenas, one for Vet 1s (lvl 50s) and another for V14s or whatever the max lvl is. The reason there should be two brackets is so that players can battle against other players that are equal to there own capabilities. Although, players within each bracket should only battle other players at are at the same Average Rating. Each arena should have certain amount of time and if the arena ends and everyone on each team is still alive it should end in a Tie or Draw where both teams receive half the amount they would earn if they win. In addition, if a player goes away from keyboard in a battle after a certain period of time they should get kicked out of the arena. A very important point about arenas is that players can only revive other players if they are out of combat and the time it takes for a player to be revived should be the same for everyone (cast time should include how long it takes for a player to get from one end of the arena to the other, which should not be more than about 11 seconds). Arenas and Dueling would help the game grow world wide because people will start posting Youtube videos and things like that, which will skyrocket ESO's popularity. This addition to the game would bring new players to the game and help it grow tremendously and also keep players interested in the game, specifically PvP. Let me know if you guys have any good ideas or agree and help spread the idea! Thanks!