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    I was going to make this a reply to Draevan13's blog post, "Why the Elder Scrolls ISN'T being dumbed down...much." Then I realized that, as always, it was far longer than I originally intended, and longer than his original post. So, I figured I'd just make my OWN blog and encourage discussion here, since it's only tangentially related to Draevan's post anyway. Also, I could write a damn BOOK and not feel guilty about polluting his comments.

    (Btw if you haven't read it, you should. It's a very well-reasoned set of arguments about the simplifying and "casualizing" of the ES series, and is itself part of a longer set of intelligent dialogs about the subject. Without that, this post would not exist.)

    Also, first blog! *blog dance*

    This post conceā€¦

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