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    Platinum and Beyond

    December 21, 2011 by LeatherNeck2382

    Well as of 1 minute ago, I just got Platinum for Skyrim on the PS3. It is kind of funny actually, rarely do I bother to get Trophies purposefully. In fact, I am rather against the whole idea of getting things that really just amount to bragging rights, but little else. Some games, the Trophies feel hard won and actually worth the time, while others are almost condescending. However, I digress as this is not the point of this particular blog post.

    Now that I have all the Trophies for Skyrim completed, I feel that I can actually play the game. Yes, I was playing the game before, so do not get me wrong and think I made it a chore to get all the Trophies. I do admit, some of the Trophies do feel like a chore, but mostly because some feel like you…

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  • LeatherNeck2382

    Now, do not get me wrong, I love the sheer scale of Skyrim. I have played through with two characters, who cumulatively have finished the Main Quest, resolved the Civil War (both sides), and restored the former glory to both The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. After all of that and nearly 100 hours or more of play, I have yet to uncover all the side quests, locations, or even join all of the factions. At this stage though, even starting a third character, I am looking towards the expansions. For those curious, I am going to do a High Elf Thalmor sympathizer, that ought to be an interesting challenge. So, without further ado, my wishlist.

    There are a few fletchers in the game that speak about it, they just do not actually do it. There ar…

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