Now, do not get me wrong, I love the sheer scale of Skyrim. I have played through with two characters, who cumulatively have finished the Main Quest, resolved the Civil War (both sides), and restored the former glory to both The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild. After all of that and nearly 100 hours or more of play, I have yet to uncover all the side quests, locations, or even join all of the factions. At this stage though, even starting a third character, I am looking towards the expansions. For those curious, I am going to do a High Elf Thalmor sympathizer, that ought to be an interesting challenge. So, without further ado, my wishlist.


There are a few fletchers in the game that speak about it, they just do not actually do it. There are even a few archer oriented shops, which right are really just like any other ordinary weapon shop. I would like to be able to craft my own arrows. It would not necessarily need a new skill, but maybe attached to smithing or archery and skill determines the arrow types you can make.


The idea of being able to make my own arrows lead me to thinking that different shops in Skyrim should have blacksmiths that specialize in a certain weapon type. For example, in Riverwood the blacksmith says he does a lot of axe work, so why not have a unique axe or more axe options at his shop. It would make Skyrim more alive in my opinion, and really make the player want to seek out other shopkeepers for a specific item.

Thalmor Agent

That's right, I want to side with the Thalmor. There are already a few Thalmor characters that you can interact with, and at least one you can do a quest for. I really want to see more from this interesting faction. It does not have to be crazy, but as it is you can be hated by one faction, why not both? In some parts of the Main Quest, you run into the Thalmor and how they are at odds with the Blades. Imagine the possibilities and how some parts could be easier if you were playing from the other side of the coin.

Final Thought

I think a lot of things are great as they are, so a lot of what I want to see is more roleplaying and storytelling in an expansion. Like I said before, I have put in over 100 hours and have not really seen and done everything there is, so this wishlist is really stuff that I have stopped and though, "wouldn't this be great?".