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    Note: I am no Elder Scrolls knowledge god like some of you here. Please don't put me down with negative comments if I'm wrong.

    As far as I can remember, Sithis was the one who created all of the gods of today (in the Elder Scrolls series), so why isn't he a god of some sort? Like The True God, God of Creation, or The God of Emptiness/ The Void. I may be wrong, but Sithis is the person who created even Akatosh. I also think that Arkay doesn't deserve the title of the God of the Cycle of Birth and Death. I think that title, or the other ones above, should be a title held by Sithis.

    Also, I was reading through Sithis's page, and he isn't even a god? He's just called a deity. I think he should get way more credit than he has gotten.

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