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  • LegateBreaker

    Author's Note: Hello! I decided to try this out to see if it works or not. This will be a collection of my Roleplay Character's days in Skyrim. So, this is simply and introduction.

    During my writing, I will sometimes break the 4th wall, like this

    My character, tired and weak, decided to spend the night in the cave, not caring what lurked inside. (This is an author's note, you can see it through the bold text) My character took a deep breath and entered the cave. 

    My Character:

    Name: Eren Wood-Cutter

    Sex: Male

    Race: Nord/Imperial (Nord father, Imperial mother)

    Birthplace: Northern Cyrodill

    Age: Young Adult (Around twenty)

    Economic: Average

    Morality: Good

    Agressison: Only fights if he has to

    Other: Follower of Mara

    Imperial/Stormcloak: Only Imperial becu…

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  • LegateBreaker

    Alright, so my character is a Nord, he's a young adult and I'm completly stuck of what to do next. He came to Skyrim from Cyrodill, and was ambused and attacked. He lives in Riften and owns Honeyside. He's a Restoration mage and an alchamist and doesn't fight if he doesn't have to. 

    So my problem, I'm stuck. I don't know what to do next. He's a good person and helps people in need and a devout follower of Mara, and prays at the temple everyday. He wants to help the poor people of Riften, but how? I've done all the sidequest that my character would do, where are there more people nearby he can help? He gets money by picking food at farms and selling it to the farmer and chopping wood. On top of that, he usually gets sums of gold from people …

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