I've been hoping to get into Elder Scrolls Online beta, for the longest of time, but I hadn't had any luck geting invited in it. I lost all hopes and stoped constantly checking my e-mail. Today I checked it again and noticed that they finally sent me a beta key! They have been having a stress test, but apearantly only for the short amount of time. It was from 6 pm until 9 pm on August 15! I happened to be five days late for that, so now they wouldn't let me do anything, not even get into forum, or download the cliant. My wife told me that I still might be able to get in, but it doesn't look like. How was I supposed to know that they would invite me for few hours on August 15, if they showed no indication whatsoever in wanting to invite me before?! Sorry, for ranting about this, it is just rather dissapointing.