What do we really know about this god? Shor, how human Nords came to call him; Shezar, how human Imperials used to call him; and Lorkhan, the name that mer gave him and the one we hear most about. All of them are different names for one and the same. However, was he really an evil trickster who made his fellow gods do what they later regreted? Or was he great champion of creation and men, who had seen past all the inperfections of the creation, unlike most of his brethren?

I believe that Shor was a god with the great vision. A vision of the mortal world where men, beastfolk and mer alike can live side by side in related harmony. He mannaged to talk other gods of Autherius to assist him in the task of creation as he needed to chanel their energy trough himself for creation to take place. Kyne or Kynareth was the first one who agreed to his plan and set aside the area in the void for Mondus or Mortal plane to be created. It so happened, that the universe of mortals, would be smacked in between of the realms of devine beings from Autherius an Daedric realms of Oblivion.

However, when creation actually happened, it had become clear that something went wrong. Magnus was the first one to realize that and pulled away just in time, creating a huge hole in the fabric, between Autherius and Mondus. That hole became known as sun or Magnus. Few more devine beings were able to escape after him, making the stars in the sky. However, 8 of them stayed behind to sort out the mess. The way I see it, Mondus and Nirn was unstable, so initial though of those who stayed behind was to scrap everything. However, Shor or Lorkhan  could still see his vision and wouldn't let others destroy what they all worked so hard to create. They had no choice but to fight Shor for his stuborness. When they defeated him and tore him appart, they realized something.

More then likely the way it happened afterwards, was that devines decided not to destroy the creation, inspired by Shor's will to keep it. However, they did know that it needed to be stabilized. More then likly they saw, what the heart of Lorkhan did to Nirn when Red Mountain rose at the spot where the heart have fallen. Thus, they used the pieces of Shor's body to complete the creation he invisioned. In the way he sacraficed himself, so that Mondus could exist. An then out of Shor's remaining parts, the devines made Meser and Secunda.

One thing that evident of reconciliation of Shor/Shezar/Lorkhan and other of his brethren, is that they brough him back inside Autherius and allowed him to preside over the realm for the fallen Nordic men, who might as well be his direct creation. Would other devines allowed him to preside over the Nordic afterlife-Sovengarde, if they completely and utterly hated him? I think the creation of Sovengarde is the sighn of Shor's recognition by his brethren for his sacrafice. He was true to his vision, even when everyone else got dissilusioned with it, his sacrafice was necessary to ensure that Mortal World can go on.

That at least the way I see it, my opinion of Shor maybe different from other people's opinions. He may not be considered Aedra according to most, since he did not take the same part in creation as other of his brethren. However, if it wasn't for him, Mondus wouldn't even be created and if it wasn't for his sacrafice, Mondus wouldn't be able to exist.