We all know the whole thing with Thalmor hating Tiber Septim for conquering Summerset Isles with Numidium, plus there are speculations that Talos needs to be removed, in order to set about the destruction of Creation (All of Mondus in Particular).

However, I see another reason for that. Talos, when he was still Tiber Septim, manteled the aspect of Shor/Lorkhan when he did the whole thing with Numidium. In the way, when he became ninth divine, he took place of the "Missing God" in the Pantheon. No matter what people may say, I believe Lorkhan/Shor was meant to be as one of the divines, but he had to die so that Mondus could have been stablized. Now, we all know that Thalmor blame Lorkhan for Altmeri loosing their divinity (Which is only a myth). So what do we have now, a mortal, who basically became the new Lorkhan, and replaced the trickster god, that their own divines worked so hard to kill. I am sure that that fact, cannot win Talos a popularity contest with Thalmor as well. That is one other reason, they want him gone from Pantheon of Tamriel.

This is just my views on that subject and they might be different from the point of views of other people. It took me long enough to finally write the promised blog on Talos and when I finally got to, I don't really have much time to elaborate. Sorry for not going too in depth here, I leave for the east coast later today. After 5-6 years of living in the hometown of my wife and after 4 years of marriage. My future as a married man is uncertain and I am going to go closer to my blood relatives and see if I will have more luck finding a job outside that bog of a Michigan. It's a beautiful state and in the way I felt like I belonged here, but I had no luck finding a job here and I am afraid my wife got dissilusioned with me. She is out of state now, enjoying herself with someon else. A friend who seem to be able to support her and make her feel happy. Well, as long as she is happy and out of the depression I guess. Sorry for going on about my private life.