Legate Rob Round Belly

aka Leagate Rob Widebelly

  • I live in Location: Loreusalem
  • I was born on September 4
  • My occupation is Impireal Legate
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hello fellow wiki user! I'm Rob Round Belly. I joined the wiki 3/26/16,

    Ive been here a long time. yay!

    Go Spurs Go! 5x Champions! Would have won 2017 without Zaza!

    NBA Respect:

    Kawhi Leonard (He may lose it soon)
    Tim Duncan
    Manu Ginobili
    George Gervin
    Tony Parker
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Gregg Popovic
    Vinny Del Negro
    Tracy McGrady
    Rudy Gobert
    Kyle Kuzma
    Derrick Rose
    Chris Paul
    Wilson Chandler
    Clint Capella
    James Harden
    Rudy Gay
    JJ Redick
    Mike D'Antoni
    Terry Rozier
    Julius Randle
    Andre Drummond
    Lonnie Walker
    Kemba Walker
    John Wall
    Victor Oladipo
    Goran Dragic
    Gary Payton
    Steve Kerr (As a spur, not a coach)
    Zydruas Ilgaukas
    Dwyane Wade
    Kyle Lowry
    Deaaron Fox
    Ben Wallace
    Richard Hamilton
    Damien Lillard
    DeAndre Jordan
    Otto Porter
    John Stockton
    PJ Tucker
    Eric Gordon
    Greg Monroe
    Marc Gasol
    Mike Conley
    Patrick Mills
    Pau Gasol
    Andrew Bynum
    David Stockton
    Isaiah Thomas
    Oscar Robertson
    Wilt Chamberlian
    Chris Mullin
    Dekembe Mutombo
    Jeremy Lin
    Marvin Owens

    Also was/am gone for a long time.


    Lore Crusader. (The whole group is a joke, calm down.)

    Witnessed The Drunkard's Folly

    Favorite Quote ever: "Poets have been mysteriously quiet on the subject of cheese"-Gilbert Keith Chesterton

    Other games I enjoy:
    StarCraft 2:
    Pokemon Red:
    Assassin's Creed:
    Mount & Blade Warband:
    Hearts of Iron 4:
    Crusader Kings 2:

    I will protect thy lore, accept lore friendly theories and worship the Godd, Godd Howard, and the savior of lore, Michael Kirkbride and all his works of art.

    All you Stormcloaks, remember these words, Sic semper evello mortem tyranni.

    I've lived through:
    Third Era:
    Era of Troubles:
    Era of Rejuvenation:
    RP Era:
    Era of Population:

    I am versed in Nordic lore, I also know a great deal of information on the empire and the Skyrim Civil war, if you need to ask a question on either of the topics, or you want to fuss at me, here is my talk page:

    Rob Round Belly theme, to the tune of Ragnar the Red:

    "There once was a hero named Legate Round Belly
    A swing of his hammer would turn foes to jelly
    His mere name would make the foe shiver
    Due to the pure carnage he did deliver! Hurrah hurrah his soldiers would chime in,
    Hurrah hurrah the true high king of Skyrim!"


    Tripart Diplomacy:

    Why the empire is right:

    Imperial Legion Marching Cadence:

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    When Ice Veins comes marching home:

    Stormcloak Spiritual song:

    1st birthday of /d and My story, and first post:

    Wiki lore timeline:

    Best lore post:

    Lazarier Larrles backstory and build:

    Role play site:

    12 days of Skyrim:

    Diary of an Imperial Legionnaire:














    "Friends List"

    The Impireal Battlemage:





    The Dagonator:

    Adventurer-Like-You: on

    The Crocodiles:

    People I do not like:


    (HA! You just got pranked!)


    RPs that my backstory is based off of: ( massacre of the isles) ( freeing Skyrim ) ( Thalmor surrender). ( Crystal Concordat) ( Impireal Crisis
    ) (Tyrenous)
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