Dwemer Return

The Dwemer are the most advanced race in tamriel. The dissapearance unknown. But what would happen if they do return. This page is designed for that. In skyrim many things have returned from the unknown. Alduin the world eater was returned to skyrim, along with all the dragons. But what would happen if the dwemer do return.

DwarvenArmor Skyriim

Dwarven Armor

The Dwemer are believed to have all been wiped out. But could they all have gone somewhere different. In the College of Winterhold Radiant Quest: Arniels Endeavours the Dragonborn is asked to go get the Dwemer artifiact Kinning. It could have killed Arniel or did it send him to a plane of oblivion ruled by the dwemer.

Known Dwemer Artifacts in Skyrim:

Dwemer Artifacts
Artifact Name Weight Value [1] Armor Damage Notes Elder Scroll 20 1000 n/a n/a C an be



The return of the Dwemere in my creative mind is a great and wonderful tale. The story is just begining.