The earliest I can recall of this day was being in Avanchnzel, overlooking a sinkhole.  Being rather disappointed with the reward for the quest I dubbed "Unfathomable Depths ",  I exited into the wondrous, Autumn woods of the Rift to be promptly greeted by a bounty collector.  It seems I have a large bounty in the Rift (likely due to my fit of rage in Riften, in which I slew all people in the market and countless guards.  I was deeply troubled afterwards, but I first had to deal with my 78, 445 Septim bounty).  I killed that bounty collector.  I wish that he didn't wear a helmet; sometimes it troubles me to slay someone without knowing what they even look like.  Following that, I mounted Frost and rode in some meaningless direction.  After a while, I encountered a group of what seemed to be mercenaries. They seemed troubled, so I went to speak to who I thought was the leader: a muscular Nord man wearing only a hide kilt for armour (I do wonder how the nords managed to run around semi-naked in such freezing temperatures).  It turns out that they need someone to infiltrate the fort they were nearby and open the gate, so they can retake it from bandits.  I did as they asked, clearing the fort from many enemies, in the process finding a new sword I may find useful - an Ebony Sword of Annihilating; it banishes Daedra up to, at most, ten units below myself (in a system of classification of people's abilities devised by some clever people - I am on the 44th tier, almost on the 45th) back to Oblivion.  At least this quest made me feel slightly good about myself, for helping a man rescue his family.  

After this, it was getting a bit dark, so I began to head towards Riften, for my accommodation at the Bee and Barb.  However, a small hollow caught my eye, so I headed towards it.  I was most unfortunate to find a Spriggan Matron and no less than 5 bears.  It saddend me to kill the bears as I couldn't help but think of the young cubs that they probably had.  It was now around 11pm, and Riften wasn't getting any closer, so I backtracked to Treva's Watch , as Stalleo seemded to let me stay there.  As I went to sleep , after a rather sickning meal of stale bread and rotten cheese , in a cold, rough mat, inside a dripping, dreary dungeon with the splashes of blood from the enemies (?) I had killed earlier, I had a lot to meditate about.