Lemongrab 2

aka Chris the Human

  • I live in the land of Ooo
  • My occupation is Adventurer who doesn't have an arrow in his knee.
  • I am a Turtle.
  • Lemongrab 2


    "Sorry, this here's a toll road. You gotta pay 200 gold in order to get past here," the Bandit Outlaw said to me. "Oh, is that so? May I pay 50 gold instead?" I asked. The Outlaw chucked and said, "Yeah, no. Unless you want to pay in blood, that is," and raised his sword. "Well I guess I shall pay in blood. Yours, actually." And with that, I tripped him and stabbed him in the torso with my sword. I picked up a dagger, and walked up the stairs to the Valtheim towers. A Bandit rounded the corner, and couldn't even respond. I had flung the dagger at him, and it hit him square in the throat. His eyes widened, and he stumbled backwards off the bridge and into the water be…

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  • Lemongrab 2

    Sara Lionheart was just Sara for a long time. She lived a happy life in Riverwood with her brother Cairdon and her two parents. Well one day, the family decided to take a walk deep into the woods. They had a wonderful picnic the whole day. It was dusk when they started to walk back. However, there was a growling. The Father turned, and a lion stumbled into the opening. This was one of the last lions on Tamriel. The lion growled, and the Father told them to run. Sara started to run with her older brother and Mom, and she turned to see the lion overwhelm her father and rip his throat open, killing him.

    They kept on running. By the time they reached the village, the lion was on their heels. They turned and started screaming for help. The lion …

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