Sara Lionheart Fan Fiction Part 1

Sara Lionheart was just Sara for a long time. She lived a happy life in Riverwood with her brother Cairdon and her two parents. Well one day, the family decided to take a walk deep into the woods. They had a wonderful picnic the whole day. It was dusk when they started to walk back. However, there was a growling. The Father turned, and a lion stumbled into the opening. This was one of the last lions on Tamriel. The lion growled, and the Father told them to run. Sara started to run with her older brother and Mom, and she turned to see the lion overwhelm her father and rip his throat open, killing him.

They kept on running. By the time they reached the village, the lion was on their heels. They turned and started screaming for help. The lion growled, and started to circle them. As it was about to pounce, an arrow hit the lion. Faendal was firing arrows at it. The lion was enraged, and slashed him across the chest with its claws. Alvor and Sigrid came outside. Alvor tried to attack, but was kicked. Sigrid carried a bleeding Faendal into the house. The lion jumped on Sara's Mom, and ripped her head off. Cairdon screamed and started to punch the lion. The lion responded by chomping on his arm and bashing him with his body. Cairdon crumpled to the ground.

Sara (Who was 16 at the time) felt enraged. She ran to Alvor's unconscious body and picked up his sword. She then stabbed the lion, and kicked it on the ground. She slashed it and stabbed, until the lion's organs were visible. Covered in tears, she ripped the heart from the dead lion, stood up, threw it on the ground, and stomped on it. She then walked to Cairdon, and knelt beside her dying brother. "Sara....I'm going to die...but know forth....and..." Cairdon then coughed up blood and closed his eyes. "But what? But what Cairdon?" Sara asked. "Be....a..hero...Sara.Lionheart." and with that, he heaved, hacked up blood, and died.

The following day, Sara took everything of value from the family house and left Riverwood. She ran to Whiterun, and bought a room at the Bannered Mare. She lived there for the next 4 years, swapping between a bench and the Inn room. She payed for such expenses by killing bandits, as they underestimated her size and age. When she was 20, she bought Banded Iron Armor, a better sword, and arrows. She used the family bow, now the Lionbow, and continued to roam Skyrim searching for fortune and adventure.