Sara Lionheart Fan Fiction Part 2: An Old Friend


"Sorry, this here's a toll road. You gotta pay 200 gold in order to get past here," the Bandit Outlaw said to me. "Oh, is that so? May I pay 50 gold instead?" I asked. The Outlaw chucked and said, "Yeah, no. Unless you want to pay in blood, that is," and raised his sword. "Well I guess I shall pay in blood. Yours, actually." And with that, I tripped him and stabbed him in the torso with my sword. I picked up a dagger, and walked up the stairs to the Valtheim towers. A Bandit rounded the corner, and couldn't even respond. I had flung the dagger at him, and it hit him square in the throat. His eyes widened, and he stumbled backwards off the bridge and into the water below. It was at this time when all the Outlaws and bandits detected me and attacked. I easily cut them down. Cut, slash, stab. I sent them into the Void, one by one. One of them swung a sword at me, and got lucky. It knocked the blade out of my hands. He grinned and said, "What are you gonna do now, stupid Nord?" I responded by kicking him, and casting a Fireball spell in my left hand, replied, "This is what I'm gonna do," and launched the Fireball into his mouth, where he let out a small scream and then exploded into firey bits. I killed another bandit with a Frost Spike. He was sniping me at the top of a rock, and it hit him in the chest, Freezing most of his body. He screamed in terror as he helplessly tumbled off the rock on the piece of ice encasing him, and fell onto a spiked rock, smashing his ice body and impaling him on the rock, killing him. Then the Chief came. He was wearing Steel Plate Armor, accompanied by two other bandits. I picked up my sword and ran at them. The Chief sent the two lackeys first. I responded by cutting one across the stomach and kicking him into the river far below, and the other enaged me in a good fight. It all ended with me shouting three words: "FUS, RO DAH!" and with that, she was flung off the tower, and past the waterfall to meet a watery doom. The Chief rushed at me. He swung this way and that, and I couldn't get a good hit on him. He swung, and hit me in the chest with his greatsword. It dented my Iron Armor, and as he was going to bring down the blade on my face, used the Frost Spike again. It hit him in the head, and froze him. I picked up his Greatsword, leveled it with his unfrozen throat, and swung down hard.

I collected my bounty, and went back to Riverwood to pick up some food. I got bread, and a sweetroll, and turning to leave, I saw an Elven face greet me. It was Faendal. It had been five years since he distracted the lion and risked his life for me. He had learned several days after when his health was better that I had left, and my family was killed by the lion. He invited me to his house, and we chatted, and drank some wine. "If you ever need help, I'll be your bow unto death," he stated. I nodded, and said, "I am indeed heading to a Dwarven Ruin. I'll need your skill to live." He picked up his bow, slung the quiver over his shoulder, and said, "Alright, where is this Dwarven Ruin?" I smiled and said, "What a good little Elf you are. Just don't get torn apart by the Falmer, little Archer." He scowled at me and followed me out the door.