So I played through Skyrim and Oblivion (the only games of the TES I have), and noticed that all the destruction spells were really bland, all the spells practically did the same thing, the fireballs for example were just that, and did nothing more than have more damage as ou bought new one, maybe did some dps, or aoe, but thats it. Skyrim is guilty too, sure they added some new things like runes, cloaks, and elemental walls, and cool aoe, but thats about it. The runes? No variety, same thing, you step on them, they explode, and nothing more save for effects unique to the school of magic. Cloaks? Again same thing, same damage, nothing special, each did the same as one from another school but with efectts related to that school of magic, the wind cloak was the only one that did something different, and good luck getitng that if you don't have dlc.

I wanted some variety, something that made each spell feel special, and then remembered games like infamous, why this game? Because it was the type of game that had it's powers listed in tiers, you had an set amount of abilities that could be upgraded into something new, and it had it's on unique-is affect, ertainly more unique than what we see now.

So i thought what if in the next TES game they did this? You would start out with an basic spell, you would have to buy the other ones like the missle and aoe from vendors still, but for now you could upgrade them into different tiers. There would be 3 tier levels, each having 2 new affects to chose from, BUT you cannot mix the perks. As in you can't go from chosing perk 1, and then once you get to tier 2 combine it with perk 4 (the secondary perk of tier 2), you have to follow the first perk you chose from. There are tier levels for every spell type, tiers for streams, bolts, missles, aoe, runes, and cloaks. 

How bout I use frost stream as an example: When you first get it, the spell would functione exactly as it did in skyrim, BUT once you ahve enough to purchase tier 1 you can choose betweem 2 perks for that tier. The first perk would turn it into an snow mound, as in you can fire it on the ground, and it would form an small pile of snow that cuts enemies movement in half. The other option is to spray it on the ground and have it form ice spikes that deal extra damage to enemies as they passed by. Tier 2 would upgrade perk 1 into an spray that freezes and opponents legs when they step in the sprayed area, holding them in place, tho still capable of attack. While perk 2 gets upgraded. the spikes get slightly larger, and now physically block opppnenets from entering, while stilling doing spike damage. Tier 3 upgrades perk 1 into an attack more resembles slush as you spray it, rather than ice that when sprayed on the ground forms, not snow, but ice, enemies that walk over it will slip and fall over, also can be sprayed over water for 5 second platforms/ Perk 2 gets upgraded, it doesn't look special, just spikes that are twice as small as the ones from tier 2....then an foolish enemy comes within 3 feet, and a massive spike the size of an person impales them, and sends them multible feet backwards, or into the air.

Doesn't that sound cool? I personally think that an tier system instead of basically the same affect would greatly improve the magic in the next game. What are your guyses thoughts on an tier syetem?