So while I myself am an console gamer, I still enjoy watching some mods, they still look really cool, and was hoping to give an idea for some eqquipment based on magnus (note I am under the assumption that no mod goes fairly deep into this, as I have seen only an few magnus based mods)  This is cobbled from what I've seen. This mod grants Hood, Robes, Amulet, Ring, Gloves, and Boots, each with their own enchantment, and when worn alltogether grant an special enchantment called: "Wrath Of Magnus", which provides powerful spells that are made of pure, raw magicka.

The enchantments are as follows; Hood of Magnus: Grants the user the ability to see magicka for 75 ft, instead of detecting life, you are literally detecting the magicka that beings in this game emit. Only beings that do not have magicka reserves are undetectable. It is essentially uses the same model as detect life but with an dark blue aura instead.

                                              Robes of Magnus: Grants 500 magicka.

                                              Magnus's Pendant: Absorb half the magicka in a spell. Note unlike other absorb magicka this one actually lives up to what the enchantment says, and literally absorbs half the magicka from all spells that hit you, rather than an 50-50 chance of total absorption. However it has an gravitational affect to magicka, literally pulling any magicka attack to you as if you emitted an gravity field, causing the attack to hit 50% harder, and eliminates dodging magickal attacks (for the character at least) (you don't get this kind of power without at least 1 burdening limitation) This applies to the base spell cost only, which means that perks, and enchantments are not factored in. An firebolt for example will grant 20.5 magicka as that is half of it's spell cost, regardless of how much the enemy may be reducing it's cost via perks and enchanting.

                                               Band of Magnus: An ring that drains your base magicka, and releases it inside an opponenet to explode within 20 ft when an power attack punch is done with the ring. It does damages equal to you BASE magicka reserves (that means enchantments from robes and rings to not count). However your magicka is reduced to zero for 1 in-game hour, potions and other effects do not affect it, you MUST wait until the in-game hour is finished before magicka comes back though any means. You are limited to using scrolls, and magickal affects that well.....don't use magicka.

                                                Magnus's Handwraps: Can supercharge spells to deal triple the damage by holding them down for 3 seconds before releasing it. When dual casted perks are involved the spell damage is quintupled.

                                                 Magnus's Footwraps: Magicka regenerates 500% faster.

                                                 The Wrath of Magnus: An unique ability that grants unique spells when the full set of Magnus gear is worn.

The spells are as follows: Meteoroid Rain: The users sends out an shockwaves from them that casuses small skull sized rocks to fall from the sky. Roughly 20 per second for 10 seconds. Each explodes roughly the size of an explosion from an exploding bolt. They deal 2 damage per rock. Cannot be used indoors.

                                   Siphon: Lets you fire off an lesser version of the Staff of Magnus stream from your hand, absorbing 16 pts from all 3 attributes.

                                  Mage Cloak: Deals 16 damage to health per second for 60 seconds. Being attacked has an 1/10th chance to release an shockwave of magical force for 50 feet which has an effect similar to full powered Unrelenting Force.

                                  Mage Mine: An Rune casted on the ground, which damages 65 magika on those who step on it, halves magicka regen for 20 seconds.

                                  Internal Combustion: Fires off an Dark Blue wave that looks similar to Unrelenting Force. Enemies caught in it have their magicka reserves begin to boil, overload, and explode within them. It deals damage equal to the magicka of the enemies. Highly effective against mages, dealing higher damage, and taking their magicka from them. Leaves an trail of magicka as it flies that damages magicka and health of those that pass through.

                                   Mage's Ball: Fires off an ball of magicka surrounded by an energy field 15 ft wide. Deal 120 damage to those the ball touches, and half to the ones caught in the energy field. Passes right through enemies and walls.

                                   Magical Eruption: Send out an forward shockwave which causes person sized explosions that deals damage and sends them in the air. (the ezplosions are not outward, they are thinner and go upwards.

                                   Mage Beam: Fires off an thin beam that does pericing damage, passing through enemies, and even walls. Deals 20 damage per second.

                                    Mighty Pull: an Unique spell that requires 2 hands to work properly. The spell is not dual wielded however. The right hand is used to pull people towards you, and drain any magicka they have it matters not wether or not the reserves are full, it only takes the remainder of their magicka, not their maximum reserve. The left hand is then used to expel that same magicka as an attack. Can be used on 3 people before the absorbed magicka needs to be released.

                                   Wisp Swarm: Sends an swarm of 10 wisps from your hands that have an magicka absorbing aura surrounding them for 10 ft around them. Upon death they explode for 70 damage in 10 ft, and transfer all the magicka they stole from an enemy absorbed to you.

                                   Magical Unity: You become pure magicka, and cannot be harmed by it for 20 seconds. Magicka attacks are absorbed completely and given to you. You can phase through people and damage their magicka and magicka regeneration rate. Phasing temporarily overloads enchanted weapons and armor, making them useless to enemies.

So what do you think? How does the idea sound? I worry that I may have given an little too much, but thats why I made this.