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  • Likes-That-Tail

    Hello, I'm Likes-That-Tail, also known as Likes, Tail, LTT, and Nick. I am a vandal frequent user of the Wiki, as well as a chat moderator. I decided to make this blog to explain to the community why all of the individual namespaces are important. There are three main points i would like to get to:

    • The mainspace is indeed the most important part of the wiki.
    • The chat, forums, and blogs do matter.
    • This is a Wiki, not a Wiki plus forums, blogs, and a chat.

    The mainspace is the section of the Wiki where you can find articles related to the Elder Scrolls. It is free to be edited by any users, and is patrolled by the patrollers and the admins. Many TES players use this namespace everyday, anons and users alike.

    The mainspace, being the largest, most useā€¦

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