Lonesome Courier

aka Chapter Master of the Sandbox

  • I live in The Arcane University, in Cyrodiil
  • My occupation is Sage of the Arcane University, Occasional Mercenary, Chapter Master of the Sandbox
  • I am The Sage of White-Gold
  • Lonesome Courier

    Fanfic by StormbladeTheNevarine

    On the border of Skyrim and Morrowind lies a forgotten fort. Overgrown with vines and crumbling from the ravages of time, Fort Duskguard was once the home of the Stormfury Legion and the Dawnguard. When one walks in, they see the Statue of Talos, the crowning piece of the fort. On the left is the old dining room, while on the right is the barracks. Upstairs is the Legate's bedroom. Some say they hear the voices of legionnaires while others see spectres of soldiers wandering the halls. But all say that they always hear the Legate singing in a otherworldly language. For Auld Lang Syne...

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  • Lonesome Courier

    A small Fanfic by StormbladeTheNevarine

    Ten years after the Adamantine War, a Dunmer returned to a once great city now in ruins. In the middle of the devastation, a worn golden statue stood tall. the name Azura was still visible, engraved on the statue's arm. On the back was a slightly newer engravement, it read:

    On this spot in 4E 228, the battle for Narsis was waged. The Stormfury Legion, commanded by Legate Ulysses Thundercaller was encamped outside Narsis, while the Battlemages of the Adamantine Empire was in the city. Many died on the front lines as the siege continued for a full month. In the end, the Legion took the city. The statue you see here is the Azura, a exoskeleton piloted by the Legate. To this day, the whereabouts of Ulysses Th…

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