A small Fanfic by StormbladeTheNevarine

Ten years after the Adamantine War, a Dunmer returned to a once great city now in ruins. In the middle of the devastation, a worn golden statue stood tall. the name Azura was still visible, engraved on the statue's arm. On the back was a slightly newer engravement, it read:

On this spot in 4E 228, the battle for Narsis was waged. The Stormfury Legion, commanded by Legate Ulysses Thundercaller was encamped outside Narsis, while the Battlemages of the Adamantine Empire was in the city. Many died on the front lines as the siege continued for a full month. In the end, the Legion took the city. The statue you see here is the Azura, a exoskeleton piloted by the Legate. To this day, the whereabouts of Ulysses Thundercaller are unknown.

The Dunmer smiled at the last sentence. he carved ULYSSES STILL LIVES on a rock nearby, and put his Legate helmet and cape nearby. Ulysses Thundercaller walked away with honor, remembering his fallen comrades.

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Yes, it's short and inaccurate, but I'm updating it as the RP goes on!