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  • Loopyguy132

    So yesterday I got thinking about Hamvir's Rest in general and all the things about it. So I searched the internet and found some things to tell you guys. So here are some Hamvir's Rest facts theory's and more.

    1. If you read my first article then you will already know this, Hamvir's Rest is most likely the final resting place of Hamvir a Nord barbarian from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

    2. The headless horsemen may be Hamvir riding to his final resting place.

    3. Another interesting thing to think about the Drauger in the casket at the end of the rest could also be Hamvir (though this is just my theory).

    4. A random item will spawn next to the skull and if it is taken another random item will spawn when the enemy's respawn.

    5. A glitch can o…

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  • Loopyguy132

    Hello everyone and happy halloween this is my first blog on this sight and today is easter egg Saturday!!! I will post every Saturday and Sunday. Every Saturday is easter egg Saturday.

    So lets get down to business. Today we will be talking about a easter egg every body knows by now I'm sure. The classic Headless Horsemen Easter Egg. I chose this one because of the upcoming holiday
    The headless horsemen easter egg is a easter egg that is very rare to find. You can find him riding out at night if you follow him he will lead you to Hamvir's Rest.
    My encounter: I had just got skyrim and I was pumped. after playing about a hour I passed by a fort. And then I found a Khajit caravan and followed them. Then I left them and went down the road and… Read more >