Hello everyone and happy halloween this is my first blog on this sight and today is easter egg Saturday!!! I will post every Saturday and Sunday. Every Saturday is easter egg Saturday.

So lets get down to business. Today we will be talking about a easter egg every body knows by now I'm sure. The classic Headless Horsemen Easter Egg. I chose this one because of the upcoming holiday
The headless horsemen easter egg is a easter egg that is very rare to find. You can find him riding out at night if you follow him he will lead you to Hamvir's Rest.
My encounter: I had just got skyrim and I was pumped. after playing about a hour I passed by a fort. And then I found a Khajit caravan and followed them. Then I left them and went down the road and there he was, the headless horsemen I followed him all the way to Hamvir's rest (which at the time I had not found yet). But then after killing the skeletons I saw him despawn though I didn't get to stick around long when I saw the drauger I ran like a scared cat away from there (because I was a low level 2). But I was so amazed because he was so rare. And for me to find him this early in the game was mind blowing. I also tried to hit him (to no avail).
Extra knowledge about Hamvir's rest, the wiki says it is supposed to be the final resting place of Hamvir a nord in Morriwind which may be a easter egg in it self. And maybe the drauger is Hamvir himself who has come to life from his everlasting slumber.

REFRENCE for info on this blog thanks!!!