So yesterday I got thinking about Hamvir's Rest in general and all the things about it. So I searched the internet and found some things to tell you guys. So here are some Hamvir's Rest facts theory's and more.

1. If you read my first article then you will already know this, Hamvir's Rest is most likely the final resting place of Hamvir a Nord barbarian from The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind.

2. The headless horsemen may be Hamvir riding to his final resting place.

3. Another interesting thing to think about the Drauger in the casket at the end of the rest could also be Hamvir (though this is just my theory).

4. A random item will spawn next to the skull and if it is taken another random item will spawn when the enemy's respawn.

5. A glitch can occur when the headless horsemen is late on his journey to the rest will cause him to be dismounted off his horse and chasing it if you mount the horse you can take it and it will act as a regular wild horse though it wont take any damage

That is some stuff about Hamvir's rest thanks for reading