• Lorchyism23

    Joining the Thalmor

    September 24, 2012 by Lorchyism23

    I know it's not possible to join the Thalmor in game, but what about a mod that would let you join/fight them? Kind of like with the Dark Brotherhood, except you wouldn't be able to completely destroy them, maybe just their embassy in Skyrim. So here's my proposal:

    Overview: At any given point, you can go up to the gate guard at the Thalmor Embassy and ask him to join the thalmor if you want. Although the Thalmor are intent on proving that high elves are superior to the other races, they're not about to waste an opportunity. Otherwise, you could go back after completing the main storyline with the Blades and kill them all. If you wind up joining them, you will first be told to kill something(a troublesome bandit leader maybe) and then you w…

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