I know, since Bethesda already published a 'Skyrim: Game of the Year edition' this will not happen, but it would be an honestly amazing thing if it did happen.

I believe that The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) will flop, and become a disgrace to the past Elder Scrolls games. No offense to anyone who likes TESO intended. I believe that it is not worth $14.99 per month, let alone any money at all the way it is designed. From what it looks like, the graphics in TESO are a step back from Skyrim. It is understandable that they have to cut back on graphics due to the fact that they are making a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMO-RPG), which is also a pretty bad idea itself. You cannot successfully put a single player game in multiplayer form, it will not work. Getting back on topic though, the fact that the graphics are going backwards is a bit disapointing, but that is just the beginning of how disapointed I am in this game. I feel that if Bethesda were to take another year or two to work on developing TESO, then it would be a much better game, and would possibly be worth the $14.99 per month or even more! First of all, they should make the graphics a minimum of Battlefield 4 graphics. [For those of you who do not know what Battlefiled 4 graphics look like, I've attached an image] I feel that if TESO had these graphics it would be another step above where they are now. Secondly, I feel that if they expanded the open world of TESO a bit more that it would definitely be worth $14.99 per month. Instead of having just Cyrodiil, they should have all of Nirn. It sounds like a lot, but that is why I said "Bethesda should take a year or two more to think TESO over." They should have the open world, really be an open world. You can be fighting dragons in Tamriel at one moment, and at the next moment you can be capturing a giant for a bounty reward in Akavir. I know these thoughts are a bit out of this world, but if Bethesda were to put out the Redguard DLC for Skyrim and work on TESO for the next two years it could be an award-winning, ground-breaking game. I hope you agree with my thoughts, if not I still appreciate you reading this. Have a great day! If you want to add me, I will list my gaming info below. Thanks!

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Battlefield 4 graphics

Battlefield 4 graphics