Ah yes...Aldiun...Nordic god of destriction, and eater of souls...and the weakest boss in any game i have ever encountered (bar the time i made merunes dagon melt). "Oh really now! you played on novice! you have a elven battle axe with 104 damage!" Yes. yes. And yes. All that stuff is ture. But Alduin is the GOD OF DESTRUION! I expected an epic fight! Dovahkiin VS Alduin+elder dragons and druager death lord, throwing in everything he had to kill me. Here is how it went.

clear skies, clear skies clear skies

Alduin comes down Dragon rend

hack hack slacsh slash hack. Repeat.

I had Three helpers, and then everyone was like. " saved us. Thanks" no respect from anyone. execpt the guards. But they took arrows to their knees. and they threw you in jail for touching a cup.