WARNING! Spoilers!

We have all seen Alduin's wall (or not). It shows the whole of elder scrolls phrohacy. That is it...the whole thing. If you are a Die-Hard fan like me, you will see the events of Per games, the Arena, Then daggerfall, the Morrowind, Then oblivion. And then there is the Dovhakiin fighting and killing Alduin. That is it. There is no more. No hint of six, no hint of any sequal really. Goodbye TES VI: Black marsh (or Valdenwood, or Elsywer). Missed ya. So that means that they over at Bethasda must there Relases some Epic DLC's (better then the shivering isles and knights of the 9) or say that some of the wall was broken (or covered in rubble).

And before the Cries of "He is hating on TES! Burn him!" I am only useing my knolages of the TES Lore and logic.