Bethasda! I have an idea for a DLC of Skyrim! One More epic then the Shivering isles (maybe). In a older blog post, i mentioned time travle. Well here it is. The courior comes to you and tells you (this is after the main quest) that, if you killed parthhanx "The greybeards need you, but their mad" and hands you a letter, or, if you didn't "the Greybeards want to see, you. That must be an honor" and hands you a letter. You read it, and it says soemtyhing like this: "The time wound has become unstable. Come and we shall explane more." you go their and you jump into a new time wound in High Hrothgar. Then, after Alduin is banished, the surivior, Jurgan windcaller tells you. "coem with me" and a quest to restore peace and kill off the rest of the dragons. After that. A time wound opens up in anicent skyrim. Jump through that, and you land in a city of Dwemer. And then You find more clues about why they will Dissapre, and then you see why. A pandemic. All are sick and dying. Just before the last dies, he dissapears, and his god apears and tells you to come with him. Then you are in a palce like sovrgarde...only better, then you must do more quests and then you are sent back after killing the god and taking his place. I think is gives you chances for new monsters, armor and weapons, and new, anicent shouts not even Alduin had.