Hello, it has been a while since i blogged last, but i have an idea of DLC number 2 for skyrim!

After the DB (DragonBorn) defeats alduin, and lord hardon, he gets a note from the courior.

"Dear sir, I come from Varedvell, in morrowind, my name is Yagrum Bagarn, and some news that concerns all of Nirn. The Heart of Lorkhan has, somehow, been remade, perhaps from Daedric infulance. Please come to the Red moutain." and then you go to Morrowind, in all on it's firey and ash covered Glory. You must go to the Red Mountain, and you gind...the Dwemer from Morrowind! he Gives you the rest of the info, until there is a rumbling, and lava slowly pours into the room, you must get the h*** out and then, you must try to find sleepers and kill them (sleepers are servents of Dagoth Ur) and then you must find the Heart of Lorkhan, and Dathgoths ghost is there! Kill him, and then, Mehrunes Dragon appeares, and sends you to Oblivion, and you must fight you way through the plane of oblivion, fight mehrunes, and become the replacement! then you can forge a new weapon...Spears! And you can change Oblivion to your will.

I would make it out of CHEESE, FOR EVERYONE!JaredJFleming (talk) 19:17, July 24, 2012 (UTC)