Don't get me wrong, I love Skyrim. But I bet that almost 1 in 4 people playing Skyrim have not played Obilvion or Morrowind. Both are epic games, and the theme of morrowind is very calming. I have beaten both Oblivon and Skyrim, and a was more satisfied with Obilvion's ending then Skyrim's. Yes the Graphics are better, and so is the spell catsing, and others, but almost all the shouts in Skyrim can repilcateced in Oblivion:

Fus:paralisis for 1 sec, 1 damage health

Fus ro: 'parilis for 5 secs, 5 damage health'

FUS RO DAH: Parilis for 10 sec, 5 damage health for 3 seconds

Wuld: Increse speed 15

Wuld Nah: increase speed 30

Wuld Nah Est: increase speed 60

And so on. And With a Modding session, Dragons! See what I mean!