I saw this idea on another wiki and decided that this would be fun for the community. So enjoy.

How to play Hurt/Heal

Basically everyday you can hurt a character and heal one, but you can only say it once every 24 hours for example if you say hurt Aela, heal Astrid.  Aela will lose 1 HP and Astrid will gain one. You may also double hurt one character or double heal one character, but that counts for your action of the day. Each character will start off with 10 HP. The last character alive wins. Let the games begin.

And also.... do not put Ulfric and Tullius in the same comment. Ok? I don't want my game ending up a flamewar.

Alive Characters


  • Vivec- 10
  • Dagoth Ur- 11
  • Jiub- 10
  • Sotha Sil- 10
  • Azura- 9
  • Yagrum Bagarn-8
  • Hircine-11


  • Uriel Septim VII- 10
  • Lucien Lachance- 10
  • Grey Fox- 12
  • Sheogorath- 12
  • Haskill- 12
  • Umaril- 11
  • Adoring Fan- 13


  • High King Torygg- 10
  • Kodlak Whitemane- 10
  • Ulfric Stormcloak- 10
  • General Tullius- 11
  • Elenwen- 10
  • Astrid- 10
  • Miraak- 10
  • Harkon- 10

Characters Dead

Aela the Huntress - Something had shifted in the Moons.

Mannimarco - Dead Necromancer..... something to be said about liches isn't it?

And begin!


Take Sword in the Chest - Killing the first character.

New King of Worms - Killing Mannimarco.