I have been curious on what people think of the Civil war in Skyrim. Actually, I have been curious on what people think about the Thalmor, Aldmeri Dominion, Great War, White Gold Concordant, Empire, and the Stormcloaks in general. So if you got a side or an opinion, comment and let us know. But guys and gals don't be nasty or mean, its just a game. I welcome fun, competitive comment like "freaky elves". But dont insult people themselves.

But as for my opinion, I was always loyal to the Empire ever since Oblivion and I was also loyal to the Nord way. Once I found those to ideals at odds, I looked into what caused the fued between Stormcloaks and the Empire. Then when I found out elves had sacked the beautiful Imperial City, harmed its people, and killed many Blades members(I was also loyal to them as well), I was furious at them. Then when I found out that the Empire signed a peace treaty with them out of desperation, I lost faith in my beloved Empire. Now that I have picked the side of the true High King, I hope to bring the fight to the elves.

I won't ruin the ending of the Civil war questlines so that is all I am going to say.