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  • Lordkenyon


    November 18, 2014 by Lordkenyon

    I am too proud to just fade away, so I'm posting this explanation as to why I'm done RPing.

    Firstly, I do not quite have the time to invest in this anymore. Real life has caught up to me, and is giving me a good beating for evading it for so long. I have too much to do, and nothing close to enough time to do it.

    Rping just isn’t fun for me anymore. It used to be a great way to relieve stress and make friends, but now it honestly just bores and annoys me. There are a myriad of reasons why, and I will try to list all of them.

    1. no one really interacted with my characters. While I am definitely to blame in part for this, there seemed to be a general disinterest in my characters and the stories I created for them, and made RPing seem rather lonely …

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  • Lordkenyon

    Vivyrtha wears her black hair long, it stops about halfway down her back. She has bright green eyes and has a somewhat slim build. She wears hoodless robes similiar to those worn by Thalmor Justiciars, but they are clearly different. She is about the same height as most of her fellow altmer, and her skin tone is slightly darker than that of most High Elves. She has a calm and collected demeanor, which is surprising given her past.

    Vivyrtha's parentage is unknown to all but her, and she has gone to extensive lengths to bury her past in a grave of lies and facades. She fled the Summerset Isles two decades after the Thalmor assumed control, and certain Dominion authorities believe they have discovered that she once was part of an Altmer Terror…

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  • Lordkenyon

    Breldon has brown hair that goes about halfway down his neck. He has vivid green eyes. He is no longer of slight build and is now decently muscled. He wears a set of faded green robes that seem oddly reminiscent of those worn by monastic nordic orders. The left sleeve of his robes ends at the elbow, and the right sleeve is completely absent. His right arm is wrapped loosely in bandages and he has a scar across the palm of both of his hands. He carries a battered heater shield over his left shoulder, and wears a small backpack that seems to exclusively hold books and scrolls.

    Breldon is the fifth son of a breton noble, and left home to become an adventuring hero. His first job as an adventurer was to be a member of Nahlgaaf's Hunt. The exper…

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