Breldon has brown hair that goes about halfway down his neck. He has vivid green eyes. He is no longer of slight build and is now decently muscled. He wears a set of faded green robes that seem oddly reminiscent of those worn by monastic nordic orders. The left sleeve of his robes ends at the elbow, and the right sleeve is completely absent. His right arm is wrapped loosely in bandages and he has a scar across the palm of both of his hands. He carries a battered heater shield over his left shoulder, and wears a small backpack that seems to exclusively hold books and scrolls.


Breldon is the fifth son of a breton noble, and left home to become an adventuring hero. His first job as an adventurer was to be a member of Nahlgaaf's Hunt. The experience has shaken him somewhat, and showed him the full extent of the brutality and undying hatred that reside in the hearts of men. Now joined with an enigmatic cripple he calls The Wreckage, he is heading to Cyrodiil to search for a healer skilled enough to repair his arm, as well as The Wreckage's shattered body. 

Weapons and Skills

Breldon is an insightful and skilled mage, and has an impressive mastery over the schools of Restoration and Alteration. He rejects Destruction magic, having seen first hand what a skilled madman can do with such power. He carries no weapons, though has conceptual knowledge of basic swordplay. He is skilled with his shield, and it has saved his life more than once. When pressured he is capable of using his shield offensively, but generally prefers to participate in combat from a support role.