Vivyrtha wears her black hair long, it stops about halfway down her back. She has bright green eyes and has a somewhat slim build. She wears hoodless robes similiar to those worn by Thalmor Justiciars, but they are clearly different. She is about the same height as most of her fellow altmer, and her skin tone is slightly darker than that of most High Elves. She has a calm and collected demeanor, which is surprising given her past.


Vivyrtha's parentage is unknown to all but her, and she has gone to extensive lengths to bury her past in a grave of lies and facades. She fled the Summerset Isles two decades after the Thalmor assumed control, and certain Dominion authorities believe they have discovered that she once was part of an Altmer Terrorist Organization. If this is true she may be significantly and perhaps unnaturally older than she appears. If any ties existed however, Vivyrtha has cut them, as she has all others.

Weapons and Skills

Vivyrtha carries a long, thin dagger forged of silver and ebony. It rarely sees use however, as she is a master of frost magic. Complementing this, she is also skilled in the school of conjuration and utilizes necromancy to raise her fallen foes. A skilled enchanter, Vivyrtha often carries small, disposable weapons such as throwing knives and small blades like shivs, which she places powerful one-use enchantments upon.