I am too proud to just fade away, so I'm posting this explanation as to why I'm done RPing.

Firstly, I do not quite have the time to invest in this anymore. Real life has caught up to me, and is giving me a good beating for evading it for so long. I have too much to do, and nothing close to enough time to do it.

Rping just isn’t fun for me anymore. It used to be a great way to relieve stress and make friends, but now it honestly just bores and annoys me. There are a myriad of reasons why, and I will try to list all of them.

  1. no one really interacted with my characters. While I am definitely to blame in part for this, there seemed to be a general disinterest in my characters and the stories I created for them, and made RPing seem rather lonely at times.

  2. On the subject of stories for my characters, no one gave a shit. Again, I don’t blame anyone for that. Just so much of my characters were their stories, but I never had a chance to tell them, due to the lack of interaction.

  3. I had to keep making more characters. I couldn’t keep using the same guy. If I did people would get sick of him, and I’d have to kill him off. For each one I’d end up creating a new complex, and in my opinion, emotionally valuable backstory that never saw the light of day due to no character interaction.

  4. My absences made things worse. I became out of touch with the story, and my characters became detached and barely involved. This further doomed their chances of outside interaction to the point where half of what I’d written was internal monologue, and at that point I felt like I was RPing with myself.

  5. the stories got repetitive. I could have always made my own RP I suppose, but the one time that happened it died before I could launch it anywhere past the introduction

Most of these link back to the lack of character interaction. To an extent that was my fault, as I never had my characters really talk to anyone unless talked to first. Still, other people’s characters got a lot more interaction than mine ever dreamed of.

The prior paragraphs pretty much sum everything up, so I will use this one as a way to say goodbye to you guys.

LabCoatBilly: You were the GM of the first RP I joined, and welcomed me and made me feel accepted into your little community. Thank you for that and all of the great stories you devised.

EfmRider: You created some of the most interesting and well written characters I have seen. At times your stuff was almost on a professional level. You also saw things differently than most of us, and the different perspectives were always entertaining. Thank you.

SkyrimShillegah: Probably didn’t spell the last one right. Your characters were often entertaining, managing to be comical while still maintaining a semblance of realism. Once you began making your own RPs you infused them with that same amusing take on things. Thank you.

GoldFlame: I initially did not like you much. Our initial encounters always had a vague air of hostility, and you seemed to enjoy insinuating insults in posts directed towards me. You came out ok, but you never really posted enough for me to establish a good picture of who you were. Thank you for being a part of things, I would rather have had you there than not.

FishySalesman: Your characters were ...interesting. Your story telling style fit the same bill. You were entertaining, though quite a rare encounter. Thanks for showing up, as it always brought some level of amusement to an otherwise serious RP.

MaxiCutTLC: I liked you. Though your characters could be obtuse, nonsensical, and annoying, they had a certain value to them. Your posts could be tricky to understand at times, but they eventually improved and allowed your characters to really shine through. Thank you for RPing all the way from Mexico.

If any of you have questions you want answered about my characters, do it in the comments, I guess.