First off, my eventual goal is to become an admin. I deserve it. It will help me to take responsibility unlike in real life. I'd like to start up about 300 more pages myself if I can. Timeoin is an admin and is very helpful. Talk to him, and Atruum Veritas, too. Ralok is pretty good Too. I hope you 3 come to my blog so we can discuss this plan like a private council. I do have some questions though. How do I change my current pic from a puppy to something else? I always have trouble with pictures on this wiki. I only have 9 badges but I rank #22 on this wiki. Care to elaborate? And also, I need an easier template thingy for the editing process or Create-A-Page process. I usually use my IPod (yes I do. You heard me) and I need to do things easier. I can answer this one though; I can use my Mac instead... But anyway this blog is for anyone who needs to talk to me. I give great advice and insight to those in need. And as always, good luck to all of you Lucas Jenkins, [Or LukaSlayR13]