I bring remedy to the troubled mind, in a way that I'm sure has been done before. However, I wish to speak of a matter more carefully, and thoroughly; that topic concerns The Elder Scrolls, as always and ever it has- I am referring, of course, to the Elder Scrolls themselves. 

Recently, I have seen my mad friend Madman97 exclamate that he found, as did fans previously, that the scrolls were but a frame, a mantle, for which Bethesda could dwell long-lost lores upon, drape their troubles upon the title of their most beloved game series. the integrity, perhaps, lies not in that rumor- as it is rumor, and not fact- but in the truth: The Elder Scrolls are very important. 

(( I must retrieve my notes from downstairs. I will publish as is and edit for material in moments, if time permits. Otherwise, tomorrow it shall be. ))