So, I guess I have come back. This is my Third Return. There's something about this community that drags on you after you are gone long periods, and it's the memories- though not all good ones- that have been made, literally created, here. I try to leave for a while so I can get a broader perspective of things and apply that knowledge to what I am doing. I oftentimes get stubborn and stick to my guns, and disapprove of others' attempts to tweak my ideas, only in that I see these tweaks as vain, and equally unpleasant criticisms. I highly doubt many, if any, of you on the wiki will see this; filler text for the passerby, they say. However, I grant you my thanks if you wan to help me out. I mean, I tried my best (in my own naive way) in years prior, to help out others.

Now, the circumstances for my most unwelcome exodus are inadmissable, and shall stay that way- as well as irrelevant as a whole. As much as I take full responsibility for my actions in my terms, I also leave it to the greaters and lessers to learn their own faults. I've walked a path well-shadowed, but also not so well-trodden. It's been a lonesome road, I'll say.

I ask that you fellow editors and admins and whoever else help and aid me in my endeavors, not distract, demotivate, nor hinder me, as some on this wiki have in the past. I will be making a triumphant effort to become as great as I once was, if not surpass the standards that I had and be greater.

"A vain pursuit from its beginning, which no choice of mine can mar or mend; At once I have chosen! With no will to give chase by another way,  we tend to follow the broken- Let us use our time as best we may!"

In better terms in hopes for continuity, leastaways a warm yet wary welcome,

In lesser words to breed clarity, against more fond yet foul farewells;

User:LukaSlayR13• "Each event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the Hero, there is no Event." 17:02, September 29, 2013 (UTC)