After not playing Skyrim for some time, I desided to play it again, and one thing i noticed just anoyed me so much: winterhold. In all of the lore it says winterhold was the second largest city, with only Solitude being larger. But, when you look at the "city" (if you can call it that), there is no sign of it once being a great city. 

  • Theres not signs of walls anywhere. I would think that there would be ruins of the walls that would just end on the edge of the cliff. I mean every major city has walls around it, unless you poor, like the pale, but Winterhold was suposed to be super rich, so I'd say they would have walls of some sort.
  • I looked at the canyon thing below, and i found no sign of any building or anything, i mean I understand the ocean is strong and the tides, but there would still be bricks, beams, and other ruins all around.  But i would think there would be some sort of proof an existence of a city.  
  • The abandoned ruined houses in winterhold stop 20 or 30 feet away from the edge,  I would think that they would go all the way to the edge, but they just end apruptly. 

So tell me, am I being ignorant and missing some "important" thing, or was this poor design mixed with bad lore making?