I have a little suggestion: The Return of the Dwemer it's about the Dwemer as in the name :)

I have a idea:

Starting of the DLC.

Quest The Scholar

Starting with the Dwarrag (Hero of the Dwemer) meeting a man called Nakarn at a Libary in Morrowind. Nakarn looks like a Dwemer (He is actually a ghost dwemer) saying: I know what happened to the long lost dwemer... And you can say: 1.How can you possibly know that?, 2.How could you know it? or 3.What you are gonna tell me now is possibly a lie. If you choose 1. He will tell you that he is actually a dwemer and they was lost in the Realm of Lorkhan. and 2. I am a dwemer. And we got lost in the realm of Lorkhan. and finally 3. no, no it's not a lie i am a dwemer and the rest of my brothers are in Lorkhan's Realm and at both options 1, 2 and 3 he will ask you where they could start restoring ruins and build the portal. You can choose between 1 Skyrim, 2 Hammerfell and 3 Morrowind choosing Skyrim he will say. I wanna start restoring Skyrim's ruins Choose 2 he will say the same just adding Hammerfell and at 3 he will say I wanna restore the ruins her in Morrowind before i start restoring any else. Then you will be teleported to one of the lands but if you choose Morrowind you will have to go out of the libary and choose a starting ruin to restore. I will make more later :)

P.S: It will be needed to buy from stores or downloaded for money at Xbox Live Marketplace. Cause this would break so many quests. It is in 5E 420

NOTE!! This is just a suggestion for Bethesda Softworks