New Lycanthropes

This is my DLC suggestion for Bethesda.

Werebears - Werebears reside in all over Skyrim and to be a Werebear you must be killed by one. To be cured you must talk to Olgeir He will say you gotta have a Red Soul Gem when you got the Red Soul Gem you will need to kill a human and get his blood when it's done go to a boat who will get you to Solstheim and meet him with his altar. Pray to hircine and he will send your Werebear from out. You must kill the werebear form.

Werelions - Found roaming the tundra of Skyrim. (You can join them by finding their leader Ri'Nasko at the Drunken Huntsman) To be a Werelion you must do half the questline of Lionhood Bandits when it's done you will be a high ranking member and granted the power of a Werelion you can now do hunting quests too. The quests involve Robbery, attacking other bandits, robbing caravans etc. To be cured you must talk to ex-member Do'Natarr who will help you destroy the faction and kill their leader. When the leader is about to die he will say the Eight Words in the native Khajiit's language and you will get cured. (Do'Natarr Available as follower)

Boars - They are found in The Reach and Haafingar. (You get raw bacon and Boar Skin)

Wereboars - Wereboars are found in The Reach and Haafingar you must be infected by one in combat to be a wereboar. For cure ask the native Breton Roban first he will tell you to aquire a Red Soul Gem and then (5x) silver ingots and (5x) gold ingots then you need to smith the gold ingots and silver ingots together and you will get The Blade of Wereboars you will need to activate it when you are a wereboar and kill yourself. When you have done it you will need to trap your wereboar soul with a Red Soul Gem and then it's all done.

Sharks - Can be found in the waters of skyrim (Collects Shark teeths and shark tail)

Weresharks - You must be a member of the Sea-Star Sharks (Pirates) you can join them by talking to Korgir and he will show you their boat who is docked outside of Dawnstar when joined you will have your own room and you can do quests who invovle stealing from ships at the sea of ghosts etc. When you have done half the questline you will be granted the power of a Wereshark and you can now waterbreath (And eat people when they are swimming)

Weredragons - You must join the dragon cult of Kanarkii who is found at their temple in a secret island outside of Winterhold to join them you must swear to be loyal with the dragons and serve them all your life you then are a member. You must pray at the altar and be in the church all times before you can be a Dragon Priest when you are a dragon priest you rule over the faction and use low ranked members as followers, raid villages and invitate people to pray at your own altar (You must do this often before you can be a dragon). When you are a dragon you rule over everybody and can command everyone in the faction to raid villages with you and you can transform into a dragon at anytime. To be cured you must find a book and activate it then you are cured of the dragon curse when you are cured report the cult to either Ulfric or Elisif. (NOTE: When you are a dragon you learn all shouts even the unqiue you can't actually do. Everyone will also be hostile)(Dragons don't attack you and they are not hostile anymore when you are a member of the cult)

Now. If you want this DLC say Lycanthropy and Bethesda may take it in the game!