• MacTheDestroyer

    Screw the Empire

    December 19, 2011 by MacTheDestroyer

    Yes, long live the empire, its really the last hope for us all. Founded six hundred years ago, it is truley the greatest thing to ever grace this world.

    At least it was.

    The fact is is that Tiber Septim is dead. His heirs are dead. The barriers keeping the twisted planes of Oblivion from the mortal plane of Mundas no longer needs the dragonfires (and by consequence an emperor to light them) in order to stay functional. So why then would anyone fight to keep a dying land on life support? Simple: those people are idiots.

    We don't need another empire to combat the growing mennace of the Aldmeri Dominion. We don't need another Numidium to unifiy the nations under one absolure power, or another Talos to bring about a new world order, what we need …

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