Yes, long live the empire, its really the last hope for us all. Founded six hundred years ago, it is truley the greatest thing to ever grace this world.

At least it was.

The fact is is that Tiber Septim is dead. His heirs are dead. The barriers keeping the twisted planes of Oblivion from the mortal plane of Mundas no longer needs the dragonfires (and by consequence an emperor to light them) in order to stay functional. So why then would anyone fight to keep a dying land on life support? Simple: those people are idiots.

We don't need another empire to combat the growing mennace of the Aldmeri Dominion. We don't need another Numidium to unifiy the nations under one absolure power, or another Talos to bring about a new world order, what we need is change. The Empire is not change.

The empire is a bunch of old ideals that became obsolete and obsolete two hundred years ago, like bronze weaponry in an age of steel. The Empire is dead.

The empire has been beaten by the Thalmor at every turn. It refused to sign the Thalmor's list of demands and went on to fight a terribe and bloody war wherein the Imperial City was lost and reclaimed, thousands of lives were spent, and all it did was shrinken the empires already waning territory by forcing the empire into signing "the White Gold Concord." It doesn't deserve to call its self an empire. It really only has power in Highrock, Cyrodil, Skyrim, and Morrowind, with the last two being in the midst of a dragon invasion/civil war and the other being a giant, blown out crater in the ground. Don't get me wrong, preserving the empire is a worth goal, but it is ultimately a waste of time. We can no more preserve the empire than we can try to bring back a three week old piece of road kill.

For those who propose that we support the empire, I have a different solution: lets go to Akaviir and ask the Tsaesci to come and invade from the south. A few hundred of them mannaged to carve a swath all the way through to the heart of Cryodil almost a melinium before the events of Skyrim, why not bring some back for another brutle war? They seem to be good at those.

An alliance with the Tsaesci, though incredibly risky, would spell-out almost certain victory for the side of man. I have a feeling that they woudln't turn down our support either; due to their now dwindeling power in Akaviir caused by the Tang mo - Ka Po' Tun alliance, they would be more than willing to help us if it meant that we joined forces. We know that they are extremly gifted tacticians as well as warriors with out equal. If any of you have ever read about the last year of the first era you would know this to be true. They served as the main influance for the blades (the most elite fighting force on Tamriel), and were also influancial in the design and organization of the Imperial Leigon as well as being those chiefly responsable for the foundation of the fighters guild, which served as a private militant group to prevent lawlessness and bloodshed after the war with the Tsaesci ended.

Think about it, an allaince with the beautiful, immortal, golden scaled Tsaesci could be just the change needed to end the long fought war with the Thalmor and bring peace to the land again. Also, we could play as one of them in the next Elders Scrolls game (so excited XDDDD).

Or you could sit and cry as those damned elves come back to turn women into playhings that they toy with and then "discard" of in piles after burning your after forcing you to watch your own family burn to death. That works too, I guess. Dunno how.